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Elevating Your Stay

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our Hotels. Whether you are travelling on business or pleasure, we know you have a variety of hotels to choose from. We strive to provide you with a room that is clean and comfortable, with friendly attentive service at a value-conscious price.

Your gateway to unparalleled hospitality. Our prime locations, coupled with top-notch amenities and personalized service, ensure an unforgettable stay. Welcome to Nova, where comfort meets excellence.

Our Story...

At Nova Hotels, our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision – to provide travelers with a comfortable and convenient place to call home while exploring the vibrant cities of Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Surat. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to ensuring that every guest experiences the heart of the city from the heart of our hotels.

Since our inception over a decade ago, we have grown to become a trusted name in the hospitality industry, offering over 25 city-center hotels. Our success is rooted in our unwavering dedication to providing guests with a welcoming and hassle-free stay, right in the midst of all the action. We take pride in being the bridge that connects you with the pulse of these lively cities.


Soothing Experience

With fresh and warm experience, we provide smart, clean and safe hospitality by adopting next-gen practices that constantly enhances the value of our patrons.

Innovative Approach

We delight our guests with convenient and modern facilities by anticipating expectations and deliver on promises with a sense of urgency and short response time.

Luxury Amenities

We believe that making meaningful changes to improve products, services and processes to create value for all customers is an integral part of the daily work of the organisation.


Luxury Amenities

We've selected upscale amenities for our hotel from trusted brands.

Special Offers

Have special offers to help our valued guests save money and receive special benefits and services.

Best location

The location of Nova Hotel is perfect and very central, so it's convenient for visitors to move around.

Online Payment

Stay at home and take an online payment without the use of cheque or card

Friendly Staff

Our staff is co-operative and helpful. They respond to all questions of clients in a happy and satisfied way.

We aim to provide our guests with contemporary and convenient facilities, proactively meeting their expectations and fulfilling our commitments with a sense of urgency and rapid response.

We Provide

Easy Payment System

In a country like India, where disparities are sometimes poles apart, ensuring financial equality becomes an issue of prime importance. One of the reasons why our government started vocalizing Cashless Economy and Digital India was to improve access to financial resources. There are multiple benefits that digital payments bring to the table.

Unique Accommodations At Nova Hotels

A unique concept by Nova Hotels, it has opened up a world of convenience and comfort.

We Provide

Maximize Your Travel Experience with Hotel Benefits

  1. Choice and Flexibility: Hotels offer a wide range of options, from budget to luxury, allowing travelers to choose accommodations that match their preferences and budget. This flexibility enhances the overall travel experience by catering to individual needs and desires.

  2. Safety and Security: One of the primary benefits of hotels is the security they provide. Reputable hotels have security measures in place, ensuring the safety of their guests and their belongings.

  3. Amenities and Services: Hotels offer a wide range of amenities and services, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants, and bars. These facilities allow you to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy your time when you’re not out exploring.

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